More fun with photoshop. This time I wanted to see how Anthony Mackie’s Falcon from the Winter Soldier movie would look as Captain America. Of course I know that Falcon is only Captain America in the comics, so calm your tits MCU fanboys. I just wanted to see how awesome Anthony Mackie looks in the red white and blue. It took me an entire day to do this.

Edit: I just added a shield, since that’s obviously the most important thing about being Cap.

Saint Laurent (2014) Official Trailer


the boys who use superheroes to propagate and enforce oppressive racial and sexual narratives—even the writers—aren’t real fans. they’re usurpers. they’ve betrayed what these characters stand for and why they were created. Superheroes were dreamed up and drawn by kids who had to change their fucking names to be fit for print, you think a guy named Jacob Kurtzburg is going to agree with you that Spiderman can’t be a minority because it isn’t true to the character? You think William Marston is gonna rise from his kinked-up polyamorous female supremacist grave and like your post about how Gail Simone would be better employed bringing your nasty ass a sandwich?

Get the fuck out of my face. I’m not the fake fan here. I’m not the poison ruining comics. You are. Superheroes are our dream. Get out. 

Lord, grant that I shall never seek so much to be consoled as to console, to be understood as to understand, or to be loved as to love, with all my heart.

With all my heart.

I’m so far gone, I’m watching the French dub of Generation Kill. It’s pretty fucking decent, I highly recommend it if you ever need to pick up as much slang as possible.



harry looks like american horror story: coven 


"His mind is everywhere."